Why You Should Always Have Clean Windows



In politics, image isn’t everything. But it’s still a pretty big damn deal. Everything from body language to when you smile to how your home and family look is scrutinized. It’s important for a politician to project the right kind of image, to convey a message by appearances alone.


You see, all too often, the cover of the book sells a lot better than the blurb on the back.


It isn’t just my image, though. My home has to look good, too. This includes the windows, which tend to be something that’s easy to spot. If you’ve never noticed it before, I’ll point it out. If your windows are dirty, that’s the first thing visitors will notice. They may not say so, but they’ll see it.


So here are four good reasons to keep your windows clean. Surprisingly, they’re not all tied to image. Three of them, in fact, aren’t related to how you want people to see you at all.


Let’s go with the politically-relevant one, though. Image is important. Clean windows project a strong, crisp first impression. You’re not looking irresponsible and the cleanliness reflects well on you, your home, and your character.


Basically, clean windows can help people’s perception of you. After all, someone who has a clean home has to be doing something right. That’s how the subconscious thinks, making associations. It’s how politicians think on a conscious level during campaign season.


Another reason to keep clean windows is the view.


The windows aren’t just a way for people to look into your home or to let light in. They’re there for you to look out of them!


If your home has great scenery around it, dirty windows keep you from seeing it. Cleaning them lets you see what’s outside, take in the view. It could be as simple as kids playing in the front yard or a look at the skyline of your hometown, making you feel like a master of the universe.


That and let’s face it, there is a simple utility in being able to just look outside without going outside. Dirty windows take away something that we use on a daily basis and take for granted.


If your windows aren’t clean, you’re also worried about the dirt degrading the glass.


Stains tend to be from hard minerals, acid rain, or overspray from things like paint. These can cause serious problems, especially in colder climates. The contamination over time will ruin the porous glass, forcing you to spend money on new ones.


I suggest getting a professional cleaning job from http://perthwindowcleaningwa.com.au. Pros like them know how to best remove all sorts of stains.


Finally, there’s the matter of heat efficiency. Windows that are not well-maintained have poor heat efficiency. It means you’re getting exposed to more UV light and there’s less heat getting in. Sure, in a hot climate this may not sound bad, but it can affect your home’s overall climate control costs.


Getting them cleaned allows you to maximize the heat efficiency of the windows.