The best pets to have in our homes for summer

Ok Ok, I guess you’re not thinking what am thinking?! Funny, huh? We don’t need to cast lots anymore. Anytime, any day, the best pets for summer remains our only holy baby friends – cats and dogs. Oh yeah! They are, not only for me, but for anyone who would want pets for summer.


Now we’re left with safety tips for our pets rather than the choice of pets.


Without any further ado, let’s take some time to check out how best to care for our babies!


1. Avoid heat stroke and/or dehydration in your dogs and cats:


It is no more headlines on the news to hear of deaths of dogs and cats in summer as a result of them not being well cared for. The foremost to care for in summer about your dogs and cats is its health. And one major thing that wars against its health is heat stroke. To ensure utmost safety, you should provide plenty of water for it to drink.


2. Protect it from fleas, ticks and mosquito


I don’t really see this as something that should be over-stressed because it looks basics and truly, it is. Protecting your dog and cats from parasites like fleas, mosquito, lice, ticks etc. is very important. If this is done, we’ve got almost 50% of our problem solved then.


This can only be effectively and efficiently done by a constant checkup been run on the pets. Not some random checks, but some meticulous and careful checks that will ensure utmost safety.


3. Give your dog his own very “kiddy-kiddy-pool”


Still in line with keeping your pets from dehydrating, we should provide the “kiddy pool.” The “kiddy pool” supplies water all around it (not just for drinking) and makes it have something to play with and keep it in comfort whenever his best friend – You, are not around. Whenever you’re away, the dogs’ best friend becomes its pool!


4. Never forget it in a hot car:


Never forget it in a hot car, never! It’s your baby, isn’t it? Then treat her like it (You wouldn’t forget your wife in your car, will you?).

On a normal 35 degrees day, the car’s temperature may reach 52 degrees in the shade and top 70 degrees or more in the sun. Your best bet is to leave your pets home on warm days, talk-less of sunny days.